Patio table umbrella hole caps plugs or rings

Many patio tables have a hole in the center of them through which a patio umbrella is placed to provide shade for those seated around the table. When an umbrella isn’t being used with the table (perhaps during the winter season) it can be useful to plug or cap the hole in the table. This patio umbrella parts page is about those caps, plugs, and rings used to cover the patio table hole. Here are some examples of patio table umbrella hole caps, plugs, or rings available online:

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When selecting an item to cap the market umbrella hole in the table, its important to note the diameter of the hole in the table, and is also a good idea to determine if you need both the ring and the cap, or just the cap / plug part. While often a new glass top table might come with a ring and cap, sometimes these original pieces can become discolored with exposure to sunlight, making it a good idea to replace the old item with a new ring and cap. It is a good idea to be sure to utilize a ring on glass tables to avoid having the market umbrella pole rub directly against the table glass.

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The umbrella wedge pictured above is a popular new solution for keeping the market umbrella pole steady in the patio table hole and is a nice patio umbrella part to have. It helps protect the glass in an outdoor deck furniture table. Can work well with tables made of glass, wood, or metal and also helps stop scratching of the umbrella pole and reduces leaning or rotation of the umbrella.

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