Cantilever umbrella

Cantilever patio umbrellas offer a lot of advantages when compared to a typical market umbrella. One such advantage is that with an cantilever umbrella the supporting pole is set off to the side so that during midday more of the umbrella’s shade can be utilized without a center pole in the way. Also, because the umbrella juts out beyond the pole and supporting base, a cantilever umbrella can be a good choice for providing shade for a pool such as small inflatable pools, a sandbox, or for tables which lack a center hole for an umbrella pole. Here are some representative examples of cantilever umbrellas.

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One challenge with cantilever market umbrellas is that unless a particularly large and/or heavy base is utilized, such offset umbrellas can sometimes be somewhat more prone to be affected by the wind than more traditional patio umbrellas. Some people add extra sand bags on top of offset umbrella bases to weigh them down and provide extra support. Cantilever base plate sets are another way to provide more weight to stabilize the umbrella.

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Also, since cantilever umbrellas are somewhat more unusual and rare than the more common center pole variety, patio umbrella parts might be more difficult to find online. Still, many people find the advantages inherent to the cantilever design outweigh any challenges, and get much enjoyment from their cantilevered umbrella.

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