The parts of a patio umbrella

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replacement patio umbrella canopy

The main parts that make up a market umbrella are: the pole, the ribs, and the canopy. Additional components include the finial at the top of the pole, a crank to open or close the canopy, pockets in the canopy where the ends of the ribs are inserted, a hub which encircles the pole and to which the ribs are attached, and a rope and pulley which raise and lower the hub. A base or stand is used to hold it all upright, but that is not considered part of the upbrella itself.

One of the most common patio umbrella parts that wears out and people can easily replace is the canopy (also sometimes called the canvas or shade). You can find those at our page: replacement patio umbrella canopy.

What about when some of the other parts of a patio umbrella break or wear out? We mentioned that umbrellas often include parts such as the pole, the ribs, vents, finial, runner, hub, pockets, tilt mechanism, and crank. However, if these are broken it can be very difficult to find a replacement part. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find replacements for many of these, perhaps because they are quite specific to each umbrella type. Repair may be the best option.

Or instead of attempting a repair, given that prices on market umbrellas can be quite reasonable, it may be worth buying a new umbrella and reusing the stand and perhaps saving the old canopy. Several pages on this site focus on different types of new umbrellas. For example, the page on inexpensive market umbrellas under $40 shows some good values.

There are a lot of accessories that make using a patio umbrella even more enjoyable. A accessory part people frequently look for is lights for umbrellas. Adding these can really increase the enjoyment you get from your patio umbrella during evening use. A less common accessory part is an umbrella mesh or net, that can be added to stop bugs from bothering those enjoying time in the shade.

While not strictly part of the umbrella, the base is another important related item. We discuss those on our outdoor umbrella stands page. Please note that there is a second type of stand which is the in ground umbrella stand which can be particularly useful for smaller umbrellas used for shade at events like soccer games.

replacement patio umbrella covers

When not using your market umbrella, it’s a good idea to protect it from the elements using a replacement umbrella cover such as that shown on the left.

We hope you found our guide to patio umbrella parts informative and a useful resource and reference for outdoor umbrella parts, market umbrella parts, and hard to find items such as a patio table plug and an inground umbrella stand. Good luck on your search for the perfect patio umbrella parts for your market umbrella.

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