Canopy repair or replacement

The canopy is a critical part of a market umbrella. It provides helpful protection for those things underneath it by blocking the sun and rain. But since the canopy is so exposed, it can sometimes rip or wear out, and it is often the first thing that needs repair or replacement on a patio umbrella.

When this happens, first thing to decide is whether to attempt a repair or to replace it. If it is a simple rip or tear, there are some repair options. One option is to simply sew it. Either while the canopy is still on the ribs, or after removing the canopy. Another quick repair option is to use fabric tape. This comes in the non-iron on or iron on varieties. While quick and easy, once issue with this repair approach is the color typically won’t match, and the longevity of the repair is likely not too long given the elements including wind, rain, and sun that affect the canopy.

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Another option to address a worn out or broken umbrella canopy is replacement. Fortunately, the canopy is one umbrella part for which there is a good selection of replacements available. And even better, new canopies come in a variety of colors, sizes, and the prices are often quite reasonable.

When looking for a replacement canopy for umbrellas, most important is to check that the new canopy will fit your current umbrella frame. Confirm that the number of rib pockets in the replacement canopy matches the number of ribs on your umbrella. And getting the right size (e.g. 9 foot, 11 ft, etc…) is also critical.

Here are some replacement patio umbrella canopies for 9 foot umbrellas with 8 ribs. They are available in several nice colors.

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Next are replacement umbrella shades for nine ft. umbrellas with 6 ribs. Replacing the shade of an umbrella is and easy and fairly inexpensive way to brighten up an old and faded umbrella.

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These next canopies are for 11 foot market umbrellas. Since the patio umbrella canopy is one of the most visible parts of an umbrella, putting on a new one really makes a big difference in improving the appearance of the garden umbrella.

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And finally, here are some replacement umbrella canopies for very large, 13 ft umbrellas:

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Of all the patio umbrella parts, a replacement market umbrella canopy is probably the one most often replaced. This is in part because the canopy is directly exposed to the sun and precipitation.

Umbrella canopy replacements can sometimes cost more that just getting a whole new umbrella, especially if shipping is free. So it could be better just to reuse the current base / stand you have, and get a whole new umbrella assembly all in one.

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