Under $40 new patio umbrellas

Time to time I come across great deals on new patio umbrellas.  The umbrellas listed below were at some time available for less than forty dollars, typically with free shipping too.  Often the color choice isn’t the most preferred color.  For example, the most recent umbrella I purchased for myself was under $40 US (9 foot, aluminum pole, and fiberglass ribs with tilt and crank), but the only way to get that price was in Taupe color (a brownish gray color).  Not the ideal color I had in mind, but as I needed an umbrella, at that price it was too good to turn down.

Over time prices can change, so by now the price on some of the items listed below may have increased.  When I update this post I remove those items which have increased in price beyond $40, and add any new great deals I’ve found. On the details page, often various colors will be listed / to find the best price it is typically necessary to click through all the color button swatches and observer which color gives the lowest price for the item.

See price and details See price and details See price and details

When free shipping is available and when the price is low, it can sometimes make a lot of sense to get a new umbrella such as these rather than purchase parts and then take the time to make a repair. And another good thing is that coupon codes also aren’t needed. And then one can disassemble the old market umbrella and use those components for possible future repair use. Hope this helps you find a cheap and good market umbrella for your yard.

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