Blue patio umbrellas

Below please find a selection of blue patio umbrellas, in a variety of sizes, styles, and several beautiful blue shades. Shades of blue are sometimes known by names like royal blue and pacific blue. It’s important to keep in mind that market umbrellas need a base to hold the umbrella upright, though some patio tables …

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Mesh patio umbrellas

Mesh patio umbrellas can be very useful for keeping bugs away. Examples of umbrella screens / net add-ons which can be placed over a patio umbrella include the items below. When selecting an umbrella net, it is important to match the umbrella screen size to the market umbrella size (e.g. 9 ft). See price and …

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Small patio umbrellas

For smaller spaces or some types of tables, small patio umbrellas are often the best choice. While a typical market umbrella is 9 feet in diameter, a smaller market umbrella is typically 7.5 feet or smaller, with a good variety in the 6 foot size. Smaller than that is very difficult to find. In these …

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11 ft patio umbrella

An 11 ft patio umbrella provides a substantial amount of shade and looks great. Well constructed umbrellas of this size can be quite heavy, and given their large surface area they will need a large and heavy base to stop the wind from blowing them over. Some examples of 11 ft patio umbrellas are shown …

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Patio umbrella pulley

A patio umbrella pulley is a typical component of wood market umbrellas, and an important patio umbrella part. As seen in the above photo, the rope goes up to and around the pulley(s), and then connects to the runner hub (to which the ribs are attached). Thus allowing the canopy to be easily opened by …

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Striped patio umbrellas

Striped patio umbrellas are visually interesting.  I find the multiple colors in these umbrellas make it easier to match to a variety of outdoor furniture, and the stripes tend to hide dirt, or other debris that may fall on the umbrella. Stains are also less noticeable on this type of umbrella. Striped shade umbrellas come …

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