Striped patio umbrellas

Striped patio umbrellas are visually interesting.  I find the multiple colors in these umbrellas make it easier to match to a variety of outdoor furniture, and the stripes tend to hide dirt, or other debris that may fall on the umbrella. Stains are also less noticeable on this type of umbrella. Striped shade umbrellas come in a variety of sizes ranging from large, 11 foot or bigger striped umbrellas and smaller striped patio umbrellas as well.

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When selecting such an umbrella, I suggest noting the colors already present in your patio, and selecting a striped umbrella which coordinates well with those colors. Please also note that most umbrellas which are ordered online typically don’t come with the base or stand included. So unless you plan to support the striped patio umbrellas using a patio table with a central hole in the middle, a base may be needed.

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