Replacement umbrella covers

I use my patio umbrella cover often since it protects the umbrella from the elements when it’s not in use. It also makes the umbrella look very compact and neat. Some examples of replacement umbrella covers which can be easily ordered online include the following:

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Mesh patio umbrellas

Mesh patio umbrellas can be very useful for keeping bugs away. Examples of umbrella screens / net add-ons which can be placed over a patio umbrella include the items below. When selecting an umbrella net, it is important to match the umbrella screen size to the market umbrella size (e.g. 9 ft).

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Lights for umbrellas

When selecting lights for your market umbrella, keep in mind there are a few different types. Some are of the led variety, while others are the typical mini-light type. As for powering the lights, most are plug in, but solar lights for umbrellas are becoming popular as well. Battery powered umbrella lights can also be […]