Small patio umbrellas

For smaller spaces or some types of tables, small patio umbrellas are often the best choice. While a typical market umbrella is 9 feet in diameter, a smaller market umbrella is typically 7.5 feet or smaller, with a good variety in the 6 foot size. Smaller than that is very difficult to find. In these smaller sizes both square and the typical 8 rib varieties of umbrella are available. Here are examples of 6 foot diameter market umbrellas:

See price and details See price and details

And these next ones are 7.5 ft. patio umbrellas:

See price and details See price and details

Smaller patio umbrellas offer several advantages over larger varieties. They tend to be lighter, making them easier to handle, whether moving them or opening or closing the canopy. They have less area, and thus tend to be less affected by the wind. Especially when placed in a standard sized stand, the smaller umbrella will be more stable. Finally, for a smaller sized patio, a 6 patio umbrella or 7 ft market umbrella will simply fit the space better and not dominate all the other furniture and accessories as a very large umbrella might. Please keep in mind, though, that small patio umbrellas do provide less shade than the larger 9 foot variety.

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